Additional Notice on Foreigner Physical Examination Form

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According to the requirements of Education Department of Hunan Province on 

standardizing the Foreigner Physical Examination Form, applicants need to pay

attention to the following Additional Notice:

1.Applicants in China

The Foreigner Physical Examination Form issued by Chinese Customs or a 3A- grade 

hospital in China should be submitted.

2.Applicants outside China

The Foreigner Physical Examination Form issued by an overseas standard hospital or a 

hospital equivalent to a 3A- grade hospital in China should be submitted (Special Note: the seal of an overseas standard hospital must contain the words "hospital").

3. Requirements for the contents of Foreigner Physical Examination Form

The foreigner physical Examination Form should be filled out with clear handwriting, and 

each result should be "normal", and the physical examination conclusion should be 

"qualified” or "healthy".

4. For a Physical Examination Report with two or more pages, an additional cross-page 

seal of the hospital should be stamped, which also applies to the photo on the report.

International College, USC

6 August 2021

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