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Psychological health refers to a mental health of individual. To be healthy person also need to be psychologically healthy. University of South China organized a program regarding student psychological health on May 17 2015, in front of Nan hua square. All international students were very happy to take part in psychological games. It was a real great time.

We had organized lots of games and played together. One such game was called ‘balloon head’ in which participants had to keep balloons in air using only their heads and the person who could do it for longest time was the winner, second game was quiz about Chinese culture .the game host asked to pick a number and asked a related question if he or she will be able to answer it they would get some prize. So it was like open game every one can take part. And third game was ‘this blows’in which you had to blow paper cups by air inside balloon .Sohere we can see everyone has chance to win game we even invited many Chinese students to play with us .We also played many games with Chinese students we played ''blast balloon of other's'' in this game we need to blast balloon’s of your opponent's and save your balloon. That person who can save his and blast other's balloon can finally win. There were lots of prizes so anyone can be excited.

‘‘You don’t always need a plan some time you just need to breath, trust, let go, and see what happens..'' . It is what related with psychological behaviors. You don’t need to prepare for battle to win something you can just participate and that's what makes you happy. “Success is a tasty dish patience, intelligence, knowledge are ingredient's but hard work is a little salt that make's it delicious” life is very precious we just need to focus on it and try to make our self happy. If you want to see world happy start with you so you can see the wonderful world. Always success without honor is unseasoned dish it will satisfy your hunger but not your taste. It’s the same what psychological health state's stay happy and stay young forever.

The true test of life doesn't occur when it's going well the true test take place when we are faced with challenges. We are born to face challenges and difficulties so all we need to do is keep our mind in state of peace so we can handle every situation in life. Stay positive the things you are hoping and waiting for tend to arrive at the most unexpected movement.

Therefore we can conclude that the program organized by university was really awesome and helpful for students in up coming future.

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